Cornerstone, Horizon and Plainsview Credit Unions are committed to providing members with the best possible service and advice while supporting the communities we do business in.


It’s a commitment to our roots, and a commitment to our future.

The three credit unions are exploring a merger to create a single entity that can provide better services and advice to members. The proposed merger will increase efficiencies allowing us to reinvest in our people and strengthen our offering. It will also help us mitigate the risks that are present in today’s competitive operating environment.

The shared future vision is a credit union that is competitive in the marketplace, provides great advice to our members, and is known for supporting our communities. If our vision is successfully implemented, within five years it is anticipated that our financial, member, employee, and community goals, will be realized.

Read more about the considered merger in our official press release:

What our credit unions can become together

Our commitment to each other is what gets us excited about this opportunity. Sharing knowledge, strengths and purpose with aligned cooperative values empowers each of our organizations in ways that would have not been possible on our own. While our stats will grow, our commitment to our local Saskatchewan communities remains the same.

Our Three Partners




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Cornerstone Credit Union is the 5th largest credit union in Saskatchewan, serving over 24,000 members with 180 employees. Cornerstone is a full-service financial institution with approximately $1.2 billion in total managed assets and 9 branches serving the communities of Archerwill, Ituna, Kelliher, Rose Valley, Saltcoats, Theodore, Tisdale, Wynyard and Yorkton.




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Horizon Credit Union is the 14th largest credit union in Saskatchewan, serving 5,125 members with 46 employees. Horizon has approximately $220 million in total managed assets with 5 branches serving the communities of Melville, Grayson, Neudorf, Grenfell and Wolseley.




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Plainsview Credit Union is the 11th largest credit union in Saskatchewan, serving 6,500 members with 60 employees. Plainsview has approximately $300 million in total managed assets with 9 branches serving the communities of Arcola, Kipling, Glenavon, Vibank, Montmartre, Odessa, Indian Head, Emerald Park/White City and Govan.

What Are the Benefits of This Proposed Merger?

Better for

The new credit union is expected to eliminate duplicated costs incurred by the three credit unions. The efficiencies gained can be invested in the technologies and skills required to attract and retain members, including enhanced products, services and advice. The new credit union is expected to have the capacity to develop or attract employees with specialized skills to strengthen the operations of the credit union and the quality of advice and service provided to the membership through expanded delivery channels.

Better for

The new credit union is expected to allow our employees to develop their careers across a broader network, with more variety of roles, than is currently available; this offers increased opportunities for personal advancement for employees without the need to relocate.

Better for

The new credit union is expected to be better positioned within the fast-changing financial services industry allowing us to continue to support communities financially and with effective delivery of financial advice and service including enhanced delivery channels (e.g., online and mobile services). The new credit union is expected to be better with the capacity and expertise to serve larger businesses than is possible today.  This should allow our members to have more of their financial services needs met by their local credit union.

Better for the
Credit Union System

The new credit union is expected to better be able to leverage its size within the Saskatchewan and Canadian credit union systems. Being one of the largest credit unions in Saskatchewan will allow for a larger voice and increased influence with system partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you merging?

Our primary focus is providing the best value to members, employees and communities. We believe we can achieve this better together! The proposed amalgamation of Cornerstone, Horizon and Plainsview is being undertaken to ensure we manage the current and emerging trends within the financial services environment as effectively as possible. Most notable are the trends in member advice and service expectations, increased competition, increased need for technology enhancements and the economic environment. By combining resources, Cornerstone, Horizon and Plainsview are better able to respond and create value for members.

What will be the credit union name?

Who will the new CEO be?

If approved, when will this merger be effective?

Why are these three credit unions coming together?

Proposed Schedule and Timeline

The Areas we Serve

The new credit union will have branches across southern Saskatchewan as indicated on the map above. We believe that local credit unions should understand their members and communities better than any other financial institution.

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